View Full Version : A sad day: Original TC-100, VM, replay plugin for sale

08-22-2011, 06:44 AM
(Really shouldn't get so attached to these machines, but I can't help it.)

Reluctantly, I am selling my beloved TC-100. (I am mostly out of the business now, use my VT system for the few things I do, and need the cash.) I am preparing an eBay auction for the following items:

- TC-100, upgraded to 2.5 software - just back from NewTek (where it got a brand-new video card), works flawlessly
- TriCaster VM
- youngmonkey's Instant Replay plugin, v1.1

(NOTE: There is no monitor for sale.)

Before I throw it on eBay (and if I do, I will circle back with the auction link), I wanted to post here, and see if one of you wanted all or some of the components above. (I realize that, for some, the biggest value of the system may be its trade-in value for a new TC...) It *is* still a great standard-def system, especially for sports, for those who might be in that market.

I paid $6K for the TC and VM, and another 300(?) or so for the replay plugin, but I do have a sense of around what the market will bear at this point. Feel free to contact me at [email protected], or by private message. Thanks! (sniff)


08-28-2011, 07:09 PM
Sorry, folks -- forgot to circle back here and post the eBay auction info. A bit late now, but you do have until Monday morning...