View Full Version : Filebin bug?

10-11-2003, 11:18 AM
I was having problems with playing the supplied clips from the manual content CD. The files would never render the audio. The video would play fine but no audio. If I disabled the video track the audio would play, but in either case the audio clip never rendered a waveform.

Newtek Tech support suggested changing the properties tag from "read only true" to "read only false" in the properties option for the file. I did that and the files still would NOT play or render the audio file.

I originally transfered the files from the manual content CD directly in the filebin because I was going through the filebin tutorial. I then transfered the same files from the content CD to my video drive through Windows explorer, and the files did not retain their read only attribures, and the files worked just fine.

I alerted Newtek in case this is a bug. Since the filebine offers it's own disk management tools, and its more productive to do everything we can within VT3 If this is a bug it could come back to haunt you when using media supplied on a CD that is set to read only

10-12-2003, 09:19 PM
This issue has come up before. I haven't dealt with the problems myself but a search in the new and old forum may turn up a disscussion. Best I can remember, running the content off of the CD is not recommended as the folders and files are obviously set to read only and VT needs to update and add files to the 'info' folder, etc. which it can't on the CD.