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10-11-2003, 08:21 AM
I'm the author of jettoBevel and jettoFillet, a couple of useful LScripts for Modeler.
In my computer, these tools work perfect. I don't know what a crash is with them, and I'm pretty sure they can't crash, since I can't count the number of tests done. This is true also for the compiled version.

However there're two kind of users:
-Those who can use my tools perfectly, with 0 crashes and full estability
-Those who can't use them, since the tools crashes it's PC (Mac users go here)

This is all due to a LScript issue with compiled LScripts (I think...), but, on the other hand, I don't want to release them as .ls, so anyone could rip the code.

I get ill when seeing people who can't get profit of my tools. Please Newtek , a solution for this...!

10-11-2003, 04:05 PM
I agree, more development of lscript is always welcome, be it bugfixes or added functions. But I'm sure we can expect both for LW8.

From my own experience from compiling scripts I have atleast two tips that hopefully might help:
If you're scripts run fine on someone elses computer uncompiled, but failes compiled, then try to compile using a different version of LW (if your code permits it of course). It seems to me the compiler that comes with >7.5 is broken somehow, as I've had better luck compiling the same scripts under 7.0.

Other obvious thing to do is check the release doc's for recent bugfixes. For example the points[] data member of the Polygon object agent, which could be frequently used in alot of scripts, only just recently got fixed, and if used obiously would cause error on any LW version but the very latest.

Good luck!

Some specific wishes for lscript (nothing very technical):
*Being able to use the numerics panel instead of having to resort to non-modal popup panels.
*Ways to check active selection mode and status of symmetry.
*Snapping in the LScript Interface Designer. :)