View Full Version : 3-D motion from tracking software output - how?

08-15-2011, 09:14 AM
Ok, a customer is using tracking software to plot the motion of a vehicle. Multiple points are being tracked on the vehicle. They want me to apply that information to a model of the same vehicle and animate it so that it replicates the motion - which is a rollover. They are supplying me with CSV files (my choice). The CSV will have time, X.Y, and Z information, but no rotational info.
I have used csv2mot from Exosphere software to successfully animate vehicles motion, but that information included 6 degrees of motion with time within the CSV, and was a single point.
How can I apply the info supplied to a model, and show a rollover, without the rotational info? Do I apply this info to points on a skeleton attached to the vehicle, and use the rigidity of the vehicle to force the animation of the rollover, rather than a bend? Does that even make sense?
Any assistance, and detailed instructions, are gratefully accepted!