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10-10-2003, 07:44 PM
Does it matter what settings you set while using a DV camcorder?
I have the options of fs32K which is 12 bit mode (4-channel sounds) or fs48K which is 16 bit mode (2-channel sounds with high quality) Was wondering if this settings might have something to do with the audio not matching the video. Any ideas on this would be helpfull thanks.

10-11-2003, 11:30 PM
I use two Canon XL1S Cameras and they have the option of 4 channels or two. According to Canon, they put the 4 channel option in there for a laydown of audio you may want to do in post on the channels you didn't use during live recording. With 12 bit sound this is generally fine for interviews and such. With a heavy metal band, I don't think 12bit is going to handle it.

You can also use the additional two channels for things like an interview situation where you will need more than two microphones to get decent coverage of a group speaking and you don't have a sound person available with a fishpole mic, etc.

With so many options now in an NLE, I only know of a few people still doing in camera editing and they might add a sound track to the third or fourth track left available by switching to 4 channel 12 bit sound.

This is a personal option, but my advice is that if you need more than two channels for sound, bring a good mixer with some extra mics and mix down to the 16 bit two channel option. Unless you are one of the guerilla shooters out there that wants to shoot and edit on a shoe string budget, there is probably few reasons to use the 12 bit option.

However, knowing the VT group, I may get my *** kicked for not thinking of more?

PS - The Canon has a shoulder mount that allows for up to four XLR input connectors to accomodate the 4 channels of 12 bit sound available. You may not have that option? Another thing to consider.

10-12-2003, 12:37 AM
Thanks for the information should be very helpfull. Had a class today just on Canon cameras and also did some scenes with some professional directors and movie crews. It rocked learned alot today going back tomorrow to learn about the editing portion of the class. They aint using the Toaster though. : :(
Anyway the XL1s was a awesome camera. I optioned to buy the Sony pdx10 which gives the same res but no option in changing out lenses and such. I also like the fact that the PDX10 actually comes with 2 XLR input connectors. One other thing I liked about the Canon cameras was the handle on top of the camera, really makes it easy to hold it low and still. I hope Sony has an acceserie for that. Thanks again Gosmond take care.