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08-09-2011, 12:33 PM
I thought I was loosing my mind as my models kept disappearing. The first time I though I made a stupid mistake and set myself back a number of hours, but it happened again and again.

It turns out that when I open a scene and use object replacement to switch object A with object B. If lightwave asks in the end if i want to save my objects and i hit yes... all the contents of object A are replaced with object B and saved. Gone forever is A. Of course my back up versions are a number of iterations behind.

I had been working on characters and made a staging scene. To avoid re rigging all the versions i used object replace to bring in other characters to that scene. Little did I know my original was being overwritten by the one i brought in each time.

To test this i made two new objects. One called Cube and one called Sphere with those shapes in each object. Each object had 3 layers.

I then made a scene and animated the Cube object moving around. When satisfied I saved that scene.

Only layer 1 of the cube was animated in the scene, the other layers were deleted so that "Cube:Layer 1" was the only ting showing in the objects dropdown in layout.

I then did object replace and choose the Sphere object. Worked fine, now i had an animated sphere moving around.

I then made a surface change and went to reload the scene.

Naturally LW asks if I want to save my objects and I say yes.

Now, I have TWO sphere objects, one called Cube and one called Sphere because LW overwrote Cube.lwo with Sphere.lwo.

UGH!! Cubes and Spheres are one thing, but fully rigged and modeled characters are another.

PS. As i write this I realize I had not tested this with 'save all objects' command up top. Will do so now.

Update: Ok so this happens when you let LW save your objects in the end. 'Save all objects' seems to do it correctly and doesn't kill the original replaced object as far as I can tell. Tried a few times.

08-10-2011, 04:32 AM
Pretty strange behavior. Just tried that here and had no problems...my box is still a box and my sphere still a sphere.

Can you please provide some content and the exact steps to reproduce this?

08-10-2011, 02:08 PM
Thanks for the reply,

LW 10.1. Here are the concise steps.

1. Open Modeler.
2. Create a Cube and save the file as cube.lwo
3. Create a new object, make a sphere and save as sphere.lwo
4. Close Modeler.

5. Open Layout.
6. Add cube to stage and save scene.
7. Go to Item>Replace - With Object, and swap the cube object with the sphere.lwo.
8. Open surface editor and change a surface property of the newly imported sphere.lwo (i did luminosity to 20%)
9. Now hit the close button (without saving yourself) of layout to get a prompt that ask you if you want to save changes to all your objects.
10. Click Yes.

Now check your cube and sphere objects. You will notice that cube.lwo now has a sphere inside of it. Any and all layers of cube.lwo are overwritten.