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08-02-2011, 07:53 AM

Maybe here finally somebody would help me with this issue? :)

I'm first time here, because is not my level YET (!!!) ;D, but friend's of mine who is working in animation LW would like to ask same question, but he is not registered on this forum, so I want to ask in his behalf:

He is working on rigg character looks almost like biped from Max. He thinks it's really great. He would like be able to change possibility of animation its limb with IK and FK. Easy way to use it on the slider he's taken from those tutorial:


However you do not take into account the options, when hands and feet are patented somewhere else than to closer bonds of limb. In my case feet are parented direct to object and hands to Root Bone (or to CoG if you like). He tries to do it base on those tutorial, but it's not going well. It
could not working with IK:


What he would like to get? Additional slider, where "0" means that
hand (Hand_Trans) is child of Root and "100" when is child of
Forearm2. Maybe someone know how to do it without plugins? Parenten option with motion option also is not working in that case.

...And solution for legs:
Root paret of hand a part form legs. They are children of the mesh.
A want to add one litle bone like root and name it STAR. The star is parent of root and legs. Is dood solution for flips and acrobatical stuff. Problem is when I move root STAR is staying in place. I hope that can be solved by expressions, but I dont know how.

http://images47.fotosik.pl/1012/1fce3c8da50f1165m.jpg (http://www.fotosik.pl/showFullSize.php?id=1fce3c8da50f1165)

I hope by the time I'll get more knowedge and be able to discussed with you on this subject, but most on Lighting and Shaders issue :))


09-14-2011, 08:14 AM
I'm not 100% sure that I am understanding your problem, but you can 'pretend' to parent Item A to item B, by having Item A's position copy that of Item B, then add a slider to change the extent of which item A does this.

So in Item A's motion options (your hand target) you set its position as Item B and you select 'same as item' with the world checkbox on for its position channels. You then animate the interpolation with a slider. If its 0, item A will follow its own position animation, and if its 100, it will stick to B.

I've only used this method to change the rotation pivot point of an item with nulls, but I've seen RebelHill use it for characters. He has some great tutorials on his site, but a portion that covers this is free on his website. http://www.rebelhill.net/.

Hope that helps!