View Full Version : Buffer Export color space help needed

07-29-2011, 06:33 AM
I am in urgent need to someone to tell me how to properly open linear color space images into Photoshop, so they look exactly as they will look on lightwave.

I ussually just export the image using the sRGB settings. But I am using buffer Export to isolate the reflections and it seems that the Buffer Export plug in only exports the images in linear color space.

Help will greatly be appreciated.

07-29-2011, 07:02 AM
A quick update:
Please someone correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that when working in linear color space Floating Point is a necessity in order to import the images correctly into an editing software, in this case Photoshop.

Particularly to my case:
I export in Buffer Export using tiff32FP and then import into Photoshop assigning the monitor color space and then transforming it to Adobe RGB.....

Am I in the right track?