View Full Version : Setting up Unique video documentation of Lightwave features for Marketing purposes!

07-29-2011, 12:43 AM
How about gathering or creating video features content for marketing purposes, good idea or not..maybe not necessary?

I would gladely post release infoīs on some swedish forums regarding Lightwave, and especially now when lightwave 10.1 is released.

Yes there is some videos around showcasing Lightwave,
But woulnīt it be great to have a more gathered structured list of feature videos showcasing main topics that most software has or should have.

setting up the list like, Modeling,rendering,dynamics & rigid body, hair fiber, volumetrics, hypervoxels system, fluids & liquids, rigging..and then features
that might be very special to lightwave or unique in Itīs innovative nature or very special due to Itīs workflow.

I guess that organizing what to be showcased is the first things to be worked on, and then gather whatīs already out there and then create video features
of whatīs missing.

Go Ahead Newtek...showcase,market,sell.
P.s..the Idea behind this is to use forum members will to market,advertise that feature content on different countries graphic specific forums, the control of whatīs showcased
are still in the Hands of Newtek in the end, but they donīt have to do the job of putting such ads out...but for all this to be effective, a lot of effort in creating those vids are needed, and
I donīt think Itīs enough to reference to the product page, Letīs face it whatīs there and how easy is it to find ...better to throw together a good feature list with video content and let us
members help out marketing that link.

I am visible therefore I am, you got to show you exist!


07-30-2011, 03:18 AM
What Lw highly needs for selling purposes, is a more organized way to showcase Lw features and advantages. 9.6 ones are quite well showcased by the great Proton's videos. new ones are a bit showcased in more recent vids, but an overall structured showcase is the right way to go. it is enough to just add new stuff as things change, and remove old stuff when it is no more useful. Also they have to be very easy to access within the web everywhere. :thumbsup:

07-30-2011, 09:50 AM
Also they have to be very easy to access within the web everywhere. :thumbsup:

Thatīs where itīs lacking right now, sure we got plenty of vids from william, we got sigghraph we got demos of the new features at newte web tv.

I think It should be showcased more directly on the main product page in a features button tab clicking that will bring up a single page with all the videofeatures in a good structure, Luxologyīs Modo has a a little better showcase web page of itīs features, so does e-ons vue and some other.

It must be very easy to also copy that webpage link for all users here to use and post within respective countries graphic forums to help support the marketing.

Think about it...if you would publish a link to showcase the release of lw 10.1 and also from 9.6 and up what link should you refer too?
I canīt really see one good structured gathered feature page with videos.

I was planning to put some links up at different web pages here in sweden, but under that knowledge, I found that it is of no use without mentioned video feature page.