View Full Version : Tricaster Studio 2.5 upgrade, new, unopened, unregistered

07-28-2011, 12:18 PM
I have a brand new, unopened copy of the Tricaster Studio 2.0 upgrade. I needed the Pro upgrade, but was unable to return this copy. It is still sealed int he factory packaging. Once you have this 2.0 upgrade, youc an upgrade to 2.5 for free with a download.

Sent me a private message if you're interested.


08-03-2011, 01:23 PM
No takers? This box looks great, sitting sealed on my desk, but I'd much rather someone was using it!

08-20-2011, 01:05 PM
How much are you selling it for ?

08-25-2011, 06:38 PM
Am I the only person who can't send PM's? I've tried to respond to some people who expressed interest, but the replies go nowhere! If you could send a PM with an e-mail address, I'll get back to you.


01-24-2012, 03:30 PM
I still have this upgrade if anyone is interested. It's a little dusty on the shelf, but I'd love to wipe it down and ship it to you! PM for info!

12-31-2012, 10:20 AM
PM Sent, now that I have read I will resent with email address.

01-20-2013, 07:47 AM
Hello pcre, I got your answer and replied, but I never heard from you. Just confirm if this is of your interest or not.