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07-18-2011, 09:03 AM
running into an issue with ClothFX, hope you guys can help me out here.

I'm intending to shuffle and move some cells about.. it'll be quite busy but my initial tests with ClothFX are promising and I'd hate to resort to an insane amount of morphs.

There is one big issue atm though, the cells need to divide. Now have 2 cells inside eachother, and dragging them out actually looks quite cool with ClothFX, however.. the stacked cells start to contribute too much to the dynamics.. stack 4 cells on top of eachother and bad things start to happen.

So the question:
-how can I make an object completely ignore dynamics untill a frame x. "Startbyevent" works, sort of, but it only turns on collision of the object itself after event. Before that, it already influences the dynamics of the nearby objects... I wish to turn that off..

Any clues?

example of working celldivision, however I wish to be able to turn it on or off to avoid issues with multiple cells stacked inside eachother.

"solutions" I tried:
-scaling to 0 before it is needed: Doesn't work.
-moving the cell away before it is needed and shooting it into the stack just before: doesn't really work..
-trying to scale with morph maps.. doesn't work
-T(exturing) a ClothFX value in the first tab. Enveloping a T(exture) doesn't seem to to work in there.

There must be some sneaky way....

07-18-2011, 03:40 PM
The previous rendered out:

Make sure to watch it in Quicktime, my VLC and WMP manage to cut off the last second which is precisely the important part :)

So far the only "working" solution is to shoot new cells into the mothercell right before division. Sadly, this shows up as a collision ripple... :(