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AV Technology
07-16-2011, 12:03 AM
Hi All, i want to ask some question, anyone can help ?

If Using TC XD 850 + CS, can i do 2 or 3 video PiP in 1 screen where each video i can do cropping and rotation (2D or 3D) ?

Can i put our own Motion Graphics as the background ?

Or do i need to use TC-850 Extreme to do above effects ?


07-16-2011, 12:13 AM
Technically, yes. You can do this with either the standard or Extreme versions of the 850.

Two PIPs with a motion graphic background is easy. In a virtual input, you would use the "B" channel as your motion graphic background, probably from one of your DDRs. In the "A" and "Overlay" channels you would use the 3D positioners for each to position, crop, scale and rotate your video into position.

Three or four is possible, but to accomplish this, you'd definitely want to have the CS. It is trickier to pull off, but I've done a triple box this way... To do this, you'll need to do the same thing as above for the first two PIP DVE channels. Using a virtual input to composite the motion background and two of the four PIPs. To get the other two, you'll have to use both DSKs. So you'll have to preview the virtual input, then setup a take "with" both DSKs, again using their individual positioners to get the last two sources positioned. It can be done if you don't need the DSKs at the same time and can set it up with confidence.

Two is definitely easier though!

You could actually do a five-box if you don't need a motion graphic background, using VSE to build a double box with a built-in graphic. Then use the overlay in the Virtual Input plus the two DSKs for a total of five positioned sources.


07-16-2011, 05:32 AM
In the post above, you could also use cameras in the overall overlays in place of the DSKs.

07-16-2011, 05:47 AM
Another way that is a lot easier but requires hardware and a custom LiveSet is to purchase a quad view device like the Decimator and split your input feeds you want in the quad and inputs and put the quad output to anther input. Then you feed the custom LiveSet with the quad output and you have your four boxes plus B could be your background fed from a DDR with motion graphic in loop. Last would be the virtual input overlay for the 5th box.
Decimator cost around $1200 and you would need some DA for video if you don't already have it. Then there is the custom LiveSet for which I would more than happy to create.

PS this works for multiple Skypes feeds as well as camera or other video feeds
Take care,

AV Technology
07-17-2011, 09:59 AM
Hi All,

Many Thanks for your information, Really Appreciate that. if you have the samples of Live screen with 2 to 4 Live Cam (each Cam with 2D or 3D DVE + Motion Graphics as Background) snapshot, please kindly send to [email protected]


Tim H.
07-17-2011, 08:59 PM
We've created several virtual set designs to be compatible with quad-split devices (to have more live inputs than the TriCaster would allow).

At least once, we included one of the quad-split devices with the delivery of the LiveSet virtual set design.

Recently, our "Severe Storm Center" design was re-branded and modified for a football pre-game/halftime/post-game studio show. They were able to show live shots from each stadium venue because of this capability.

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