View Full Version : Overlay fade rate

07-13-2011, 09:06 AM
I've determined that the overlay fade rate, which is not separately adjustable from the transition rate, follows the rate of the selected transition.

By this I mean, if I select a dissolve in the transition panel and set the rate at medium, the rate of the fade in the overlay panel is about 1 second. I always thought that meant that any transition I was using, running at medium rate, I'd have a 1 second fade in the overlay. I was wrong.

I had some transitions compiled for me by Bill Mills. They were 4 second animations. I noticed when doing football that by the time I got the transitions running at a good visual speed, the fade rate in Overlay for the score bug was too slow. The remedy was to use "take" instead of "fade", which I think should be a dissolve.

Then, after Jose Burgos showed me how to compile my own animations, I decided to make some new transitions that were 10 seconds, thinking I'd have to speed up the transition control and that should also speed up my Fade rate in the overlay. Wrong again. When the animation in the transitions is longer, it somewhow ties to the Overlay panel speed.

If I select the dissolve in Transitions with meduim speed, the fade in Overlay is about 1 second. If I select a 5 second transition with medium speed, the fade rate in Overlay is a little over 2 seconds. If I select a 10 second transition running at medium, the fade rate in Overlay is beyond 3 seconds.

Any chance someone out there could show me a solution?