View Full Version : Standard for Color-Calibration

07-02-2011, 06:09 PM
Hi guys.

So I recently got a new monitor and then soon after a new machine, now (for unkown reasons; waiting to hear back from LG) I cant get their display utility working with my new computer. However this situation has opened up for me a world of frustration trying to get my color settings 'just right' lol.

A good example is the home page for LW on this website with the grid in the background of the splash image that says LightWave 10. Some settings make that area nearly pure-black, where other settings (increasing gamma and contrast) make the grid appear.

I am looking at getting a new monitor and video card after the summer, however I would really like some theory behind all these factors (not to mention how Linear Color Space may affectr these things)

so, if anyone has a good link or some sound advice on what to do that would be great.

Thanks to all who can help.