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10-07-2003, 08:31 PM

Any Aussie user groups


10-07-2003, 09:51 PM


one of the best LW groups :D

10-10-2003, 09:05 AM

Seems to be a melbourne course on this week but looks to basic for me to goto.
Id atleast want intermediate/\.

10-11-2003, 05:41 PM
Hey folks! :D

LightWaveOz and its mailing list are great online resources and support for Aus users, but its not exactly a 'user group' in the sense of a group of users meeting, drinking a few beers and talking shop.

I think I may have asked this question a while back and the answer from most Aussies was 'I wish we had one'. :(

Surely, given the size of Aus, there must be at least *someone* who's holding meetings, meeting users in person, talking tips, demos and tricks, and keeping people up to date with events that are coming up, etc?

The recent low attendance level of Lee Stranahan's excellent "LW World Tour" in Aus was just one good example of why NOT having one is a BAD thing. Specially the comments *afterwards* in forums of 'Damn, I wish I'd known about it!'

Any one? Surely someone in Aus is doing an actual physical LWUG?

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10-11-2003, 08:01 PM
I was really cut when i heard about that tour after it passed!
Maybe LWOZ should have a forum atleast?

10-11-2003, 11:16 PM
Well LWOz is a user group, maybe they don't have meetings monthly more like yearly
the Brisbane users got together late year at Mr Suttor's place i was there :) and Seon at Sector 3 done a pizza lan party last years as well

no more this year thinking we're just too busy waiting for LW 8 :D

the DLF in australia is the only group i know that holds meetings but it's for all Digital artists and even then there's not a huge party just filled with Maya and Max users talk about the last game project they worked on or Uni students looking for a job :(

the bad promotion of the Aussie LW tour WAS Newtek's & Newmagic's fault, newmagic works with the group afair bit, we get they junkmail anyway and knows it there but for some reason they was no posting about show :confused:

10-12-2003, 01:11 AM
Australia is like 20+ times larger then NZ, right?

One User Group for all of Australia? No matter how cool it is, that's not really logistically the best way to keep your users up to date and promote the whole Aus LW community. Aus is just too large to NOT warrant more localised LWUG's.

Starting smaller LWUG's just helps spread the promotion of LightWave, the sharing of knowledge and more. Its a great social event as well, specially when you can get users to show their work, etc. Lots of local content, you get more intimate information about local gossip, and people getting direct feedback live in meetings on projects, competitions, etc. And then there's the refreshments! :D

Naughty NewTek/NewMagic!!! (or NOT?)
As a LWUG moderator in NZ, I managed to not only get a great *discounted price* for users for the World Tour, I also offered to assist users in by taking cheques and cash and forwarding them on myself to the USA, and signed up almost 30 people by the time the tour arrived!

I promoted it at every LWUG, posted out reminders and kept users up to date. I even organised and sorted the venue and played host to Lee while he was here.

How? Is NewMagic secretly giving NZ better service then its own country? No - I never heard about the tour through NewTek, or NewMagic. I heard the old fashioned-way through forums and talking with other LW users online. I got an extremely generous discount from Lee directly just by asking for one for a large group of users! :)

So I think its sad that anyone should blame the dealers/NewTek for 'not telling them' when it should have been plastered all over the local community itself by the people who want to be seen as the 'user community' mentors (Well, IMHO that is).

How it should be? Maybe?
The way I see it, Aussies should consider using Lightwaveoz.org as a central HUB of the Aus LW community. Then they should start smaller, local LWUG's and all link together in an Australia wide LWUG community, joined together through the excellent resources of LWOz itself.

How? Its easy - I've even posted tips at the top of this forum to make it even easier then easy! :D It just takes someone to take the plunge and go with it...

Well, its an idea! :) I'd love to see and hear about more LWUG activity in Aus... Though your all more then welcome to come to NZ every month for meetings... ;) lol!

10-12-2003, 05:00 AM
well NZ does have a pretty good Group if you pulled that many user to the tour and you must play apart in that.

seems LWoz has something to improve on ;)

but LWOz is a top group to talk about Local LW issues

And you are right it's not Newtek or Newmagic job to post the group but it would be a good idea :)

I've just joined your Yahoo group hope you don't hack an aussie just looking in ;)

10-12-2003, 01:44 PM
Oh no! The Aussies are invading! :D

Yeh, 30 users (including a guy who flew from Tahiti to attend cause 'there wasn't a tour happening there... That impressed me a LOT!)

lol! And I agree, LWOz are a great thing and I'm happy they exist, just so there IS something in Aus to support the LW user community there...

My comments just come from a major supporter of LWUG's in general. There's just not enough LWUG activity IMHO for the amount of users globally... :)

10-15-2003, 06:10 AM

Yeah Kevman i'd like to start a group but i can't even use Lw properly and am a beginner and i live about an hr away from Sydney. Any1 from the central coast use LW . I only saw the tour 2 days before.


10-16-2003, 03:09 AM

Don't let experience levels put you off starting a LWUG. Odds are, most of your users may be of a similiar skill level anyway. Just get people together, make sure you have some CG to show (compile a CD, DVD or VHS of all your favorite downloaded 3D animation, or still images), and think up some things to natter about like 'how long have people been using LightWave?' or 'Can anyone recommend a good tutorial on...'

You could even take the opportunity to teach yourself a tutorial you thought was cool and run through it with people and use the opportunity to ask for pointers on anything you think looked tricky, or you couldn't understand. That way you can not only learn, but you can get the group to start talking and be a little more interactive.

Ask other people to share knowledge, or show their work and then talk about what they did.

Don't be afraid of being a new user, or feel inadequate about it - Just be enthusiastic, treat the whole group as a cool way to get together and talk with people about LightWave... Just find a location and go for it, IMHO! :)