View Full Version : Is it possible to tweak Modeler General Options by lscript?

06-22-2011, 09:31 PM

I searched the pdf and google and can't seem to find if this is possible.

Can I programmatically (in LScript) modify checkboxes or settings in Modeler's "General Options" panel?

(specifically any of the OBJ exporter checkboxes?)

I want something (that works) like this:

CommandInput("OBJZBrushMode 0");

CommandInput("ModCommand_OBJZBrushMode 0");

neither works in LW 9.6.1 Modeler - though the first one works in Layout.


06-23-2011, 04:41 PM
any ideas anyone? :)

06-23-2011, 06:59 PM
So out of the 77 views, noone has even an inkling if this is possible or not? Any experience is welcome in this void of clear LScript information. ;)

06-23-2011, 11:19 PM
I saved out the command list from Modeler, which had these entries:


I tried 'objzbrushmodeon' in cmdseq(); and CommandInput(); didn't work in either.

Looks like they may not have been added to LScript.

06-26-2011, 04:45 AM
Hi, thanks for your reply. Can you tell me how to do that in Modeler? I've tried something like that from Layout using LW Commander there, but I'm not sure how to do that in Modeler?

btw I appreciate that you tested that and it's good to have confirmation that it wasnt just me doing something wrong.


06-26-2011, 04:47 AM
One more stupid question then. Is there a way from a Modeler script to launch a Layout script and wait for it to finish or get notification it worked? Because I could make a Layout script and then trigger it from my modeler script...?

06-26-2011, 11:40 AM
"So out of the 77 views, noone has even an inkling if this is possible or not?"
I absolutely hate when people write posts like these. Especially only after 1 or 2 days! We are not here to serve you. We help out on our own free time and will. By mentioning the number of views you are singling out all of them and possibly calling some of them selfish bastards for not writing an answer at YOUR(!) slightest whim. And these are the people that already took THEIR time to read your post! Answer me please. What do you think were the two or three most likely reasons you didn't get an answer straight away?

For the record,
worked on LW10.0 (official release) for me in Modeler. It did not work on 9.6. So either it's implemented in 9.6.1 or 10.0.
What versions did you test?

CommandInput("OBJZBrushMode"); CommandInput("OBJZBrushMode 0"); CommandInput("OBJZBrushMode 1");
worked in Layout but not Modeler. Which seems rather stupid and sloppy!

@NT(Matt): It would be nice if the non-standard lowercase commands were removed and replaced with the properly documented (SDK), formatted and implemented (With argument to set, no argument to toggle. Nice!) dittos which work in Layout, before people start to rely on them.

To my knowledge it's not possible to launch a script in layout from a modeler script executed within Modelers environment. Atleast not in any direct manner.

The ComRing might work to communicate between Modeler and Layout script. I never tried it myself though. I only ever used it within a single Layout instance. I'm not sure, but there was a bone to skelegon update script that might have performed a layout-to-modeler call somehow and/or vice versa. You'll have to try and find it yourself. It's just a tip, and not a hot one, because I never used it.

You could perhaps also have persistent layout script (master script) running watching for some action performed by a modeler script, like creation of a file, a globalstore() or maybe a Synchronize() call (which should trigger some identifiable events in Layout). The persistent layout script would then perform the actions itself or run the generic layout script you wanted to run.

PS. I looked at both your threads before. But there was work, a big national holiday and the weekend between then and now. I've probably given you two hours or more of my free time testing, confirming and writing (much more if we include the time it took me to learn everything I just wrote). Imho - Be humble and patient. - Don't bump within a week. Don't single anyone out. And don't demand answers as to why nobody answers. - Just do a simple bump, like post #2! You got the views. Be grateful for that. All of them had a valid reason for not answering. Realize that.

PS2. Sorry for lecturing. But some people seem to need it. Perhaps myself at times too.

PS3. Why didn't you read my answers and comment yet? j/k

06-26-2011, 10:21 PM
I forget, it's so easy to make a faux pas here in this forum.

I do apologize for the double bump, and it seems my post was a bit misunderstood in tone. By no means was I demanding a response, I just was surprised to get so many views and was being a bit cheeky in my frustration.

I do appreciate the time you took (and those that did not respond) - the Lightwave community and Lscript community is very generous and I, myself, over the years since v4, have tried to contribute and answer when possible - I will continue to do so. I've just come back to LScript after an extended absence and wondered how active LScripters are these days and if there are many left...?

I wasn't meaning to be rude (I thought my posts were humble), but I was impatient. Point taken and of course I will share any results here as I accomplish anything useful.

thanks again for your help and time!

06-27-2011, 02:39 AM
Glad to see I just misunderstood the tone. In that case it's really me that should apologise. I guess those statements just have me see red. Maybe I'm just too involved and getting old (minds seem to grow more static and judgemental over the years). I will try too be more humble myself next time. Thanks.