View Full Version : TriCaster™ Virtual Set Editor 1.5 Update Now Available

06-02-2011, 01:36 PM
NewTek is excited to announce an update to TriCaster™ Virtual Set Editor (VSE) (http://www.newtek.com/tricaster/tricaster_tcxd850.php?pnl=1_10). The TriCaster Virtual Set Editor 1.5 update includes additional PSD file support, allowing for better integration of your PSD artwork into TriCaster virtual sets and double-box effects.

TriCaster Virtual Set Editor 1.5 includes the following benefits:

• The ability to use 32 or 16-bit PSD files to produce real warped mapping layers, giving you more design options
• Seamless conversion of PSD Layer Groups into VSE Layer Groups, helping you stay organized
• The option to name individual PSD Input Layers, making it easier to manage files
• The ability to rename individual camera angles, providing added convenience

This update is available as a free download to registered owners of TriCaster Virtual Set Editor.

Download your TriCaster Virtual Set Editor 1.5 update today at http://reg.newtek.com (http://reg.newtek.com)