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10-06-2003, 12:11 PM
Any hope of getting a skin like the old Dual monitor setup?

I'm so used to the old one that the over-n-under defualt is like learning to type in a foreign language....

Maybe I've posted this in the wrong place.. Feature Request?

Anyways, if anybody comes out with this, sign me up.

10-06-2003, 09:59 PM
Actually, I'd heard the one from VT[2] works in VT[3], doesn't it?

10-06-2003, 10:11 PM
The old splitterbar trick still works and I have been using that setup since my first VT3 beta install. I even have it set up to switch back and forth between modes with a shortcut to a batch file on my toolbar laucher. Just a simple file copy routine back and forth. But honestly I almost never go back to the over and under. I have all the details at work and could post it but let me locate a post I put in the tutorial section at the betasite and paste it here.

All you really need is the Splitterbar from the below referenced tutorial but I will paste the entire BAT procedure here in case anyone is interested:

[Be sure you 'unwrap' the lines that returned when I pasted it down- should be obvious)

Dual Monitor Toggle
Posted: 13 Jul 2003 05:03 PM
Thanks go to VT Editor Brad Loflin, who wanted everyone to see this great improvement to an existing Tutorial!

For those of you who have dual monitors and like the idea of having the Control Tree (or any tab) view fill an entire monitor while your timeline fills the other, you can do so by replacing the SplitterBar.png as described in this on-line tutorial:

SplitterBar Tutorial (http://www.newtek.com/products/vt/tutorials/ted-skins/index.html)

However, I wanted an easy way to switch back and forth so I created two BAT files that will do just that. Very simple stuff here but hey its done and it works, so enjoy it if you need it.

I don't think there is a way to upload files here so I will paste the details below.

Go to the directory:
"VT3\Skins\VideoEditor\MainWindow\Main\Default\Norm al\"
and copy the original SplitterBar.png to SplitterBarORIG.png, then get the new SplitterBar.png file from the above referenced tutorial and copy it to the same directory but rename it "SplitterBarDUAL.png".

Now "VT3\Skins\VideoEditor\MainWindow\Main\Default\Norm al\" should contain these three files:


Using notepad, create two batch files on your desktop (or any folder you wish) from the text below and name them accordingly (make sure they end in BAT and not TXT). Only copy the text between the dashed lines below. If your VT3 install is not at the default location on your C drive, make the appropriate changes in the batch files commands.

NOTE: These Batch files were created and tested on a Windows XP Pro operating system, but they should work on any recent Windows install.


File Name: VT3_DualMonitor.bat
@echo off
REM Enable Dual Monitor Support for TED
REM Created by Brad Loflin, July 13, 2003

copy "C:\VT3\Skins\VideoEditor\MainWindow\Main\Default\N ormal\SplitterBarDUAL.png" "C:\VT3\Skins\VideoEditor\MainWindow\Main\Default\N ormal\SplitterBar.png"


File Name: VT3_SingleMonitor.bat
@echo off
REM Enable Single (default) Monitor Support for TED
REM Created by Brad Loflin, July 13, 2003

copy "C:\VT3\Skins\VideoEditor\MainWindow\Main\Default\N ormal\SplitterBarORIG.png" "C:\VT3\Skins\VideoEditor\MainWindow\Main\Default\N ormal\SplitterBar.png"

Now all you have to do is double click the BAT (or a shortcut to it) for whichever mode you desire to work in, then relaunch VT[3]. These BAT executables could be added to the Start menu in a User Skins Group but that involves more than a little bit of scripting and skins changes. I may attempt it if I get time.

Brad Loflin

10-27-2003, 03:54 PM
Alternate .bat files per Brad's suggestions....for some reason, I had better luck having them written this way (get rid of the word wrap breaks):

Dual Monitor.bat:


cd \VT3\Skins\VideoEditor\MainWindow\Main\Default\Nor mal

copy SplitterBarDUAL.png SplitterBar.png


Single Monitor.bat


cd \VT3\Skins\VideoEditor\MainWindow\Main\Default\Nor mal

copy SplitterBarORIG.png SplitterBar.png

Anyways, it works! Thanks, Brad!