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06-01-2011, 06:38 AM
look photo no.1 - no.2 - no.3 resolution 35mm Academy 1.66 3k
Width 3072
height 1848
by tries to rendering.

when rendering ...
720x480 to will change...
I'm useing lightwave 9.6 64bit...
System Windows 7 64bit
down look photo ...
The rendering resolution is initialized.
In other words,
I want to rendering to -35mm academy-
Is initialized. I can't not rendering.
I can not speak English very well.
Photo reports ..help me please...
http://cyimg35.cyworld.com/common/file_down.asp?redirect=%2F350005%2F2011%2F6%2F1%2F 22%2F1%282%29%2Ejpg

http://cyimg35.cyworld.com/common/file_down.asp?redirect=%2F350027%2F2011%2F6%2F1%2F 64%2F2%281%29%2Ejpg

http://cyimg35.cyworld.com/common/file_down.asp?redirect=%2F350011%2F2011%2F6%2F1%2F 10%2F3%2Ejpg

06-01-2011, 06:40 AM
try setting the resolution manually instead of using a preset.

I don't own Lightwave, but it's a thought.