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05-27-2011, 10:53 PM
why the heck after I move the camera to the location I desire and than hit f-9 it takes a photo of where the camera was before I moved it and than when I close the render window it actually moves back to that location>

It did this to me in VPR with lights last night- I move a light - switch to VPR and the light moved back. I switch out of VPR to see why my light has not changed anything , it is because it moved back to where it was before I moved it.

This is a big problem:help:

05-27-2011, 11:01 PM
It's doing it with lights and VPR- Move light - switch to vpr and switch back to shadded view and POOF - light moved back,, HOW DO I FIX THIS

05-27-2011, 11:08 PM
Turn on Auto Key. Or hit <enter> to make a keyframe?

05-27-2011, 11:42 PM
ok- Turned on auto key and it is working right- thanks dexter2999

05-28-2011, 04:23 AM
Turn on Auto Key. Or hit <enter> to make a keyframe?

the simple answers are always the best !