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05-25-2011, 03:18 AM
LWCAD 3.6 Modeling Tools (Volume #1)


In this first volume on LWCAD 3.6 Instructor Adam Gibson introduces the Lightwave 3D student to the essentials required to using this powerful modeling plug-in. LWCAD is known for it's architectural time-saving modeling tools. Introduction to LWCAD's advanced Universal Coordinate System (UCS) and powerful Snapping Tools is covered in great detail. This first volume is a must to be able to learn how to use all of LWCAD's tools in the latter volumes in this video training series.

Table of Contents for LWCAD 3.6 Modeling Tools (Volume #1)

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- Lightwave's Grid Snapping & Coordinate System

Chapter 3- UCS: Auto Mode

Chapter 4- UCS: Fixed Mode

Chapter 5- UCS Adjust

Chapter 6- UCS Dimension

Chapter 7- UCS Face

Chapter 8- UCS Edge

Chapter 9- UCS 3 PNT

Chapter 10- Changing UCS Modes

Chapter 11- Snap Panel & Near BG Layers

Chapter 12- Snap Panel : END Mode

Chapter 13- Snap Panel : PNT Mode

Chapter 14- Snap Panel : PERP Mode

Chapter 15- Snap Panel : TAN Mode

Chapter 16- Snap Panel : CENT Mode

Chapter 17- Snap Panel : INT Mode

Chapter 18- Snap Panel : AXIS Mode

Chapter 19- Ruler Snap Tool

Chapter 20- Snap Panel: Clear All Button

Chapter 21- Snap Panel: Projection Snap

Chapter 22- Snap Panel: Angle Snap

Chapter 23- Snap Panel: Grid Mode Snapping

Chapter 24- Final


Running Time: 1 hrs. 54 mins.

Level: Beginner

Screen Resolution: 1440 x 900 pixels

Format: MP4 Video (.mp4)