View Full Version : Terrain Generator " newbie L-Scripter" baby steps Log Thread .

05-21-2011, 06:38 AM
The thread title is probably misleading , more a displacement map on geometry .

So I tried to decipher the SDK last night mainly the L-Script part .

I have a general understanding and to me it just looks like php except with different values .

So I am going to build my first script , correction I will attempt to build it .

So this is what I attend to do , some help / direction would be most helpful .

Basic Idea " nothing is set in stone , if you know of a more accurate or better workflow stop me now (",)

the user creates a plane sitting on 0

// initiate script
// determine point selection or select all geometry
//return info
// add displacement "now this is where I think it needs refined and thought out more ,I'm not wanting to create mountains or a full terrain ,more randomize the points selection ie point [1] up point [2] down and so fourth .

I belive learning the basic variables first before I got caught up in code ,so keeping it simple is the best way for me to learn .

so now the displacement is added .
//copy layer and paste into new layer , this way keeping the original base mesh and creating your terrain in a new layer " think I know how to do it "

//end script


thoughts people ? probably start tonight with some beers in hand .

05-23-2011, 02:48 PM
Sounds like a good way to learn!

I guess once you figure out the maths, then replacing your algorythm with something that generates realistic terrain, should be easier. (Thats not saying its easy btw!)

Good luck!