View Full Version : Why reloaded scenes contain out of date object versions

05-13-2011, 05:24 AM
Ever wondered why sometimes the scene that you are working on and which you have just reloaded contains out of date object versions?

Well this is a problem that has been bugging me ever since LW9.x and it is still there in LW10.0 (and possibly also LW10.1, but I have not yet checked). I have just tracked down what the possible cause is and reported it to Newtek. However, since many of you might not have access to the bug reporting system or do not visit that area of the forums, I thought it best to raise awareness of this possible problem in a more frequented area of the forums.

Basically, the problem is an inconsistency in the way that Layout prompts you to save a scene if it has changed when you quit Layout.

For a given scene, if the only changes that you make are to change the version of an object or objects (by whatever means) within the scene, if you then quit Layout without making any other changes to the scene, Layout will not prompt you to save the scene - even though the contents have changed! So you can inadvertantly quit out of Layout without recording changes to the versions of objects comprising the scene!

If you do not notice this at the time (because you are so used to Layout prompting you to save the scene when you have changed anything else in it), when you come to load up the scene again it will contain the out of date versions of the object(s).

The important thing to note is that this misleading behaviour in Layout only occurs if you have not made any other types of changes to the scene - i.e. the only changes made are to the version(s) of the object(s) within the scene and nothing else.

So the advice is to always explicitly save your scene before quiting Layout and not to rely on Layout always prompting you to save the scene if its contents have changed, because in some instances it may fail to do so.

Hope this helps.