View Full Version : the Baking Illumination tutorial

10-05-2003, 01:05 AM
Has anyone followed the Baking Illumination tutorial here ?:


The writer skips some steps (and the language is open to interpretation) which make it very difficult (for me) to follow in several places.

About half way down the page, he/she says:

"Select the polygons in the arch and create UVs in the second set using a cylindrical projection and fit our new mapping with the rest:"

This comes after creating an atlas map, and somehow the author seems to be able to redo only a part of that map using another mapping method (the process in the sentence above), and somehow it gets incorporated into a re-arranged atlas map. What they DON"T say, is HOW they "fit our new mapping with the rest", which is a big piece to leave out.

Does anyone know how this is done? and/or what the author is talking about here? I understand the reasons it is done, just not HOW.

thanks for any insight,