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05-03-2011, 05:33 PM
I just like to share this email I received from Next Limit.

"Dear Maxwell Render user,
We are pleased to announce that we are running a special Maxwell Render promotion throughout the month of May.
Every Monday during the month of May, we will introduce a new promotion that will last for one week. At 12pm GMT +1, each Monday, the previous offer will expire and a new one will begin. The quicker you make a purchase, the better deal you´ll get!

May Madness Promo details and dates:

May 3rd – May 9th: with every Maxwell Render Standard purchase, receive 10 free Rendernodes! (Free Rendernodes valid only for purchase or upgrade of Standard licenses)

May 9th –May 16th: Maxwell Render licenses will be discounted by 40% *

May 16th – May 23rd: Maxwell Render licenses will be discounted by 30% *

May 23rd – May 30th: Maxwell Render licenses will be discounted by 20% *

May 30th – June 6th: Maxwell Render licenses will be discounted by 10% *

*Please note that these discounts are only valid for Maxwell Render Standard licenses and upgrades and Maxwell Render Rendernodes and Rendernode upgrades.

Terms and Conditions

- Promotion begins on Tuesday May 3rd at 12pm GMT +1.
- The first week promo, giving away 10 Free Rendernodes, only applies to Standard licenses (new and upgrade). Not valid for Rendernode new or upgrade purchases.
- Any orders placed after the cutoff time each Monday will be processed with the next week´s promo. No exceptions.
- The promo will end on June 6th at 12pm GMT +1. Orders received after this time will not be eligible for promo pricing and will be processed at normal prices.

Promo is not applicable to Educational licenses. Please see the following link for full information on this exciting promotion: http://www.maxwellrender.com/news/may_madness_promo.php

To place your order now:

Existing clients should login to the Next Limit Customer portal at ttps://portal.nextlimit.com/index.php and select Buy/Upgrade Licenses

New clients can buy from our webshop at https://portal.nextlimit.com/index.php/privatehome/guest

You can also buy through one of our authorized resellers: http://www.maxwellrender.com/mw2_resellers.php.

If you have any questions regarding this promotion, please direct your queries to [email protected]

All the best,
The Next Limit Team"

MaxwellRender is a unbiased render engine. It's not the fastest but it's quality is hard to match. I needs little to no setup.
It's was always very well integrate with LW(LW 9/10 PC/MAC) along another 8 other 3D apps.
The new FIRE instant previewer is very fast and stable.
It has a nice demo for "test drive".


Cesar Falcao