View Full Version : Lightwave 10 to Keyshot render testing!

05-02-2011, 05:51 AM
Im currently testing the keyshot demo v.2.2 with exported geometry from solidworks-deep exploration-lightwave

The speed is pretty nice..I believe it is faster than octane.
The best part is the ease of use and the ui, so easy to drag and drop materials..and equaly easy to edit them,hdr lighting
is easy to set up with environments...perhaps a - for no physical sky like in octane.

a big plus is all the formats it can handle with a wide range of cad formats, rhino,catia,pro-engineer,solidworks,dxf and apart from
that you can import obj format,3ds,fbx,collada,rhino,sketchup and inventor, octane can currently only import obj format.

The obj format seems to work best from lightwave to keyshot..with some reservations..
A solidworks construction exported through deep exploration to the obj format, works like a charm, materials
retained and obj vertex smoothing correctly...that is without going throu lightwave.

Now..the same object from solidworks-deep exploration to obj format and then imported to lightwave, and then exported out
to keyshot will load fine except that the vertex normals does look screwed up...the same route in octane will crash octane.

If you create an object from scratch in lightwave, Itīs a different thing and there should be no problem with smoothing angles in such case,
just remember to freeze you subpatch parts in the model first.

I tried the collada export,fbx,3ds and dxf..from lightwave with a cad construction with 13300 polys.
the dxf couldnt load in keyshot, it just halted.
3ds export from lightwave to keyshot didnīt work either with this error...
3DS Export:operation Failed-code:1
3DS Export:vertex or polygon count exceeds maximum (65k)

fbx and collada works, but It doesnīt seem to retain material info.

My first impression is that I am impressed, and if I can find a way t export obj format correctly with
retained vertex smoothing maps when dealing with cad constructions, that would be great..I think
I would rather work with keyshot than octane, due to the simplicity of the UI,drag and drop materials and
all the import formats.


05-02-2011, 09:59 AM
Let us know how this is going. Maybe running the object through PoseRay would help, before loading it into KeyShot?