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10-04-2003, 04:30 AM
I finally got some free time and got JettoBevel and JettoFillet enhanced. You can download in my slow, free :mad: and new web site (still under construction).


JettoBevel improvements:
Realtime support for patches and Vmaps (great!!!)
Improved edge-search algorithm (equally slow, but now calculates polygons with repeated points, such as these with holes)
Added Presets mode, so you can save and load bevels
Added beveling along profile curves, with interpolation options
Added cutting options for only base or only top.
Improvement of the bevel/undo routine, so you can have infinite steps, with no limit of your undo levels setting.
Better control over shift/inset minisliders (it' a bit tricky, but works)
A great amount of internal improvements (such as reduction in the global variables required or certain array routines improved with built in methods)

See it in action:


Circular bevels

Now bevel also along curves (thanks to Ernie Lang for his help)

JettoFillet improvements:
Now it's fake interactive, since a few user were demanding it (and I'm a very good person..). This has required more work than seems, since any error had to be trapped in order not to crash the refreshing boucle.
Added slide control (really inelegant, but works). Increase is obtained from actual geometry, so it should work fine in all cases.
Removed merge error field, since default value had worked fine in all my tests, and hacking it to very high values could cause problem with triangles when there was only 1 segment (more or less, all polygon points were merged together).
Internal improvements, related to the limit of 1024 point per polygon Modeler seems to have. The program won't allow you to exceed this limit with your settings
Some minor fixes.

See it in action:



Ah! as you'll see in my page, they are now renderware. So all of you working for ILM or similar will have to send me a nice render if any of my LScripts was invloved in it:cool:

That's all, I hope the thread could load without problems!

Please, send comments or money to [email protected]

I'm also posting to flay and other forums. Hope all you enjoy it!

10-08-2003, 08:27 AM
tried it out works great