View Full Version : Is this a Bug or a feature? Linked UV maps

04-26-2011, 09:13 AM
My UV maps are linked across objects until object is closed and reloaded.

So i learned this the hard way. Was making new objects all from the same mesh that I had built a UV map for.

I would make a copy of the mesh and go to file > new object, paste it and save it under its own name. I would then proceed to edit the mesh and UV map that I had originally set up (added things to it, etc)

At one point maybe 8-9 projects in, i decided that I didn't like the UV and decided to delete it. The uv map for all the objects was called the same, but i made the mistake of assuming that just because the name was shared, it couldn't be the same map because after all these were all different files all saved under a new name AND in the past when i would load two objects with the same UV map name, they were separate uv maps for each object.

Anyway, because i didn't 'close' and reload all previous objects, when I deleted the UV Map in object 9, it deleted it for all the previous objects as well.

What i mean is, now when i would go to object 8, or 7, or 6 and look at the vertex map panel, no maps would show up.

So my questions is, is this a bug? Why are UV maps linked somehow internally until you close the object and reload (objects were saved and in their own files), and secondly, why doesn't lightwave say "oh by the way, you are about to delete your UV map for all open objects just because its called the same thing, and not just the object that you are working on"

Regardless, the only way I managed not to have to redo all the work was because all the open files were now showing up as modified (asterisk next to name) and I knew i hadn't touched them since i saved. Unfortunately the light that the vertex map panel was what caused this didn't click until i saved a couple of them, and thus saving them without the UV map, and so those I did have to rebuild.

Anyway... back to work.