View Full Version : ADD Manipulator Handles Perpendicular to the view in Layout

04-25-2011, 09:47 PM
Update to the current Manipulator Handles in Layout...

Add Manipulator Handles around the regular Handles in Layout. These new handles manipulate the selected object PERPENDICULAR to the view we are looking through (particularly helpful in the perspective view, or camera view).

Presently, the selected object can only be manipulated along a specific XYZ axis. This is not helpful and is very difficult to animate the rotation around an arbitrary "mixed" axis.

The new Manipulator Handle would allow would allow the manipulation along all axises effected in the move (in an intuitive way, not hindering the animator).

This would come in most handy in this circumstance (but many others): A biped walk cycle. The character is walking in circles. The animator could go to the perspective view and aline the view PERPENDICULAR to the foot of the character (which, due to walking in circles, is NOT along any particular XYZ axis). Now that the view is perpendicular to the view, the manipulator handle allows the animator to rotate (or translate or scale) to the VIEW, NOT any given particular axis. This makes animating along a non-XYZ axis easy. Presently, this is not easy to do in Lightwave.