View Full Version : 2 bugs found

10-03-2003, 01:17 PM
I was having problem rendering a raytrace image at more than 2000*1500
it was telling me not enough memory for frame buffer. (even using 50 segments,limited region...)

the problem was that in my scene, I had like 10 spot lights, each with 8000
buffer size for suns.
the thing is ONLY 1 was checked and on when I was trying to render.
after deleting the 9 others spot lights in the scene, it was rendering
without problem even at 5400*3600... great !

the 2 bugs found are that when it prepare the frame buffer, even if there
is 1 light ON in the scene it will make room in the frame buffer for the other lights. (even if there are not on)

same bug with the objects, if i have 5 objects and I uncheck one of them
in the scene windows ,
it will render the 4 objects (which is normal) but it still load the 5 objects and optimize them (which take some more time when you have a lot objects..)

anybody noticed this before?