View Full Version : Kiwavers - September NZLWUG low-down...

10-02-2003, 11:05 PM
Another month, another meeting...

As always, many thanks to those who came along and even more to those who
entered, including a last-minute entry from one of the NatColl students!
Awesome stuff everybody!

A big thanks to Ray for bringing along the DVD's from Siggraphs electronic
theatre. It was great to have the opportunity to check out some amazing 3D
short films on the big screen, and see some real funny ideas! Over 6 hours
of high-quality 3D productions - We took a look at just a handful...

And it was on - 4 Entries - 3 Animations, 1 Image. Many, many thanks to
those who entered. I also did an entry - But obviously I couldn't enter
anyway! :-) I played/showed the entries through 3-4 times each to give
everyone a good feel for them, then handed out blank pieces of paper for
people to vote for their favorite.

Once all votes were tallied, we had a winner - LOGAN, for his 'Tornado
Chicken' entry! The simplicity of the idea, along with his comic timing
really made this little short hilarious to watch! Congratulations!

The next Competition was announced, and for those who want to enter, this
time the goal is to create a 'NZ Super Hero' - That is, model and texture a
cool character. Rules are the same - However this time we want you to
submit only images - Two 640x480 jpegs. One jpeg should be a nice rendered
version of the model (tip: try to 'pose' the model if you can rather then
just render it in a 'T' pose) and one should be a screen-grab from modeler
of the model in 'Wireframe shaded mode'. (tip: Maximise the perspective
view of modeler, Switch the viewport to Wireframe shaded and rotate the
model on an angle, slightly turned to one side and facing the viewer. Do a
screengrab and resize/edit in an image editor).

Ideas? Well, its a superhero. So think of your favorite superhero
character (batman, spiderman, the hulk, etc) and then mix in some Kiwiana
perhaps? Maybe... Maybe not! What you come up with is up to you really!
(Just keep it tasteful please!) :)

Yes, its another 'Class on Demand' Video tape. 202 Covers Radiosity,
Volumetric Lighting and Hypervoxels... Again, hosted by Dan Ablan.
(NOTE: This competition is only available to New Zealand Residents)

I did a quicky show of a slightly updated version of my 'opening logo'
animation I made a while back. Thanks to Ray for his feedback on some ways
to improve the animation 'movement' at the start.

Petrik took the opportunity to show us some of his project work and ask for
feedback and assistance. Thanks again to Ray for offering some of his
expertise in Animation to give Petrik a few pointers and I showed some
pointers to how to add extra hold bones to Petriks rig to improve the
deformations. We talked a little on IK and Ray had some ideas on Foot
targetting that he uses, while I also demoed simple weightmap usage with my
non-compliant Chicken Entry! :)

This got a lot of talk flowing which is always a good thing. As I said,
this is what the LWUG should be about - Using it as a forum to ask
questions, show problems, get critique and feedback. It also makes meetings
interesting for the people there to get that whole 'involvement' thing

e-onsoftware.com have just released a 'pro' version of their awesome 'Vue
D'Esprit' 4.0 landscape animation software. I had the 5 minute demo
footage - And what a 'wow!' it was too, now marketed as an 'extension to
your existing 3D software' and integrating with several 3D packages such as
Max, Maya and of course LightWave! Well worth taking a closer look at... I
have 2.0 here at home, its great - 4.0 looks even better, and 4.0 Pro looks
like sometrhing that might be worth having if Photoreal CG environments are
your thing!

Announced briefly that I currently working on a new website. Nothing really
online as yet (other then a splash screen) but I promise a more interactive
and updated web site for everybody to use in a few weeks (I hope, providing
I don't get snowed under with other stuff). With new hosting, scripted
server, and a huge supply of disk space and bandwidth I'm hoping for
something very exciting for everyone!

Keep this URL in your diaries for later... http://www.kiwavers.org

All in all, nice to see everybody again, Check out some chicken action, give
away prizes and talk 3D, help people with issues and see some outstanding 3D
animation from the world of Siggraph. I do apologise for not having
anything properly prepared (though we didn't seem to need any 'Kev
tutorials' this time with plenty to talk about) or having any munchies

See you in a month with your 3D 'Superhero' creations in hand!