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04-14-2011, 07:28 AM
Without a doubt, the most challenging issue I've ever faced is doing nodes in LWave. I'm following a tut on fake clouds, and this came up. As yu can see, there's two different "smooth step" nodes. The one at A is the one that comes up in my scene. The one at B is the one that comes up in the sample file scene, and in the tut. What's the diff between the two, and how do I know which one to use in my setting up my scene? thanks
Edit: BTW, I'm guessing that the smooth step node is important, since the tut says:
"Once the string of textures is limited using Smooth Step or a similar limiter, we will have effectively carved out a cloud shape using the procedural textures. Capping the bottom range will usually result in flat textureless areas in the cloud, and should be avoided. The top range determines how much cloud is in the sky! If there are too many textures added together, and the values are blowing out to uber-white, just cap at a value over 1.0 to bring it back in range.