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04-11-2011, 08:33 AM
Hey guys, i'm pretty new to ligthwave, but i've allready made a few projects on it. I keep banging on small (normal) details that i need to learn, but recently i've been coming up against a few that seem to be bugs. But.. i'm not technically good enough to know the difference.


For no apparent reason, sometimes layout will become unable to import a specific object (after a few successful imports), either with I've tried re-saving it, copy pasting to a new file and all solutions i could think of, but never managed to get layout to accept it. It says it is unable to read the file.

When in layout, for the render, i usually try a lot of different configurations, and one of them is the antialiasing. No matter how many passes i put in the render globals, it always does a single pass. I've used the previous version of lightwave before, and never had this problem...

Saving. trying to save as rgb lw_tga24, i select the destination folder the name and all that. But when i render the frame it does not export to the folder or anywhere else for that matter. Any ideias?

Sorry if i'm not very clear, i'll give any other details you find relevant. As i said, i'm far from being a LW expert, but these are all problems concerning things i have used before without any problems, and only got them with LW9.6
Maybe USB key?

Thanks in advance!!

04-11-2011, 11:40 AM

for me, this was mostly fixed with a restart of Layout.
(Maybe this is of any help for you).
You can only set the Anti-Aliasing for the Classic Camera in the Render Globals Filtering Tab. If you use another type of camera, you'll need to set AA in the Camera Properties. AA was changed for 9.6 btw. so that is probably something that is irritating you.
(If you are interested in background info on AA, you could have a look at the Except AA-Guide (http://www.except.nl/lightwave/aa/index.htm).
They also provide a great Radiosity Guide (http://www.except.nl/lightwave/RadiosityGuide96/index.htm) btw).
You need to F10 for an instant save. If you are rendering only a single frame, you can set your range from 0 > 1.
Or you use e.g. Photoshop Export Image Filter with F9.

04-11-2011, 03:25 PM
Layout not finding objects. Read Matt Gorner's tutorial http://www.newtek.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26572 first link, & then on his page the link to the tutorial is at the bottom of the page "ScreamerNet tutorial". The tutorial is for PC but the same principals apply to a Mac.

It's about Screamernet but it explains about Content Organisation & should give you a better understanding of whats going on in LW (whether you use Screamernet or not). Really understanding what's going on between Layout & scenes, & all the objects & images, takes a bit to get your head around it, but once there you will be ok.

Also it's good practice to have a very good naming protocol for LW Object, Images etc, from the start (you will understand this especially, when you have large complex scenes (Name Layers for your Object as well & surfaces, everything basically! & keep the names to the point & concise!)). Also no "spaces" in file names, gaps in names are a problem with Screamernet which you will use one day, get it right now, use - or _ instead of a space.

Another thing, more so when in Modeler, save increments of your object eg "Thinky_v001" _v002, _v003 etc, Modeler does crash, although it's a lot better now.

Getting on top of these fundamentals may seem a bit tedious & daunting at first but it is really worth it in the long run.

04-12-2011, 08:05 AM

I'll give it a try and post what i came up with.