View Full Version : Particles, DP Point Info, and HardFX

04-08-2011, 11:24 AM
I'm having a problem attaching a particle system to an object that is comprised of 1 layer of a bunch of individual objects that explode using hardFx.

What i want to do is be able to attach a few particle trails to the individual pieces as they fly towards the camera and while it seems to be working i gets some really wacky updates (even at render time).

Basically what i've done it used Node Item Motion on a null object, and connected that to one of the points on the exploding head.

Null follows the piece around perfectly.

Next i parent the particle system to the null, which is does indeed follow the null around but if i scrub the timeline i get mixed results.

one thing off the bat is that the particles will tend to stay at the frame i stopped scrubbing on and i can't even really seem to get them to go back to the start.

and the other thing is they are coming out in what appears to be clumps. I have no motion or anything on them... i basically want them to do the whole stay in place thing as the emitter flys around in the world.

Thanks in advance.