View Full Version : 2 Part Radiosity Query

04-07-2011, 11:51 AM
Part 1.
Iíve never used radiosity as part of a project. It largely goes idle in my work flow. When Iíve played around with it, there was a tab that enabled me to choose the type of radiosity I desired. Monte Carlo is the only one I recall at the moment. Well, I canít seem to find that menu tab now. This is my old age showing, I'm sure. Radiosity is working quite nicely though. That is until....

Part 2.

Iím doing pre-viz for a project that requires toon shaded renders. So I thought to see what it might look like employing radiosity to a toon shaded object. Using just the HDRI to light the scene, any surface with toon shader applied does not bounce light, thus making it unseen by camera. However, keeping a default light setting (with ambient) renders an image.

I really donít care that I cannot use them both at the same time as I was just experimenting. But an explanation as to what is going on would be nice.