View Full Version : Looking for collaborator(s); music videos

04-04-2011, 02:13 AM
Hi all

Iím a multimedia artist, music and video (AE and LW10), with a project Iím working on at the moment being a bit overwhelming.

Iím after a collaborator, or 2, to help me with my LW work. I have the basic sets, but not being particularly experienced, or competent, some experienced and creative users would be helpful to improve, polish and add to my work.

The end result will be used in music videos, and synchronised video for live performance, with a Ďno budgetí approach to the videos; trying to look as good as possible but not overly obsessed with a pro look.

As most of these type of projects are unlikely to make money, it is mostly to be part of a project. If it is successful it will become a financial partnership from income generated from the live show; like Gorillaz live performance (the best show Iíve seen).

There is no need to be near where I live as the LW files can be sent by email or FTP, and if needed DVDís or flashdrives can be posted.

Links to the music in its current state and the video concept can be given to those who are interested.