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03-31-2011, 10:33 PM
I plan to buy a powerful computer than the one I'm using now just for rendering, and editing. and as I have more money, maybe I'll buy another and therefore divide the time it take to render by half. anyway, my question is:

1) what window version is needed? is home 64bit is enough? or do i need to go pro? i have to know this in advance since in Malaysia there is no upgrade path, AFAIK. What the reason I have no idea.

2) since adobe software for student can be used commercially, i might use AE & premier for editing. Is that enough for 4K editing?

3) what tools do i need to be able to edit and watch 4k at real time? i know Premier support cuda now.

4) those flash based hd - will it help renders? should i use it for main hd or secondary hd?

5) any one can suggest easiet to use render farm tool (free / cheap) or monitoring software.

04-01-2011, 01:09 AM
Read up on the i7 2600/2500 at Anandtech, Techreport or Bit-tech etc. One of these new CPU will give you very good performance for your $. For LW you really only need a lot of CPU resources in 1 box for baking radiosity rendering large single images. But there are work arounds in most cases. I would probably go for a 2600 rather than a 990. You are better off buying a new single CPU PC each year rather than buying a dual CPU box every second year, in 12 months a dual CPU will have the same value as a top end single CPU anyway!

OS, go 64 bit. These days I wouldn't look at a box with less than 12gb ram. The cost of the OS is relatively insignificant.

Rendering is all about CPU buy as much GHz as you can afford. Work out which boxes you want to build & calculate how many GHz you get for a whole box set up including OS. It's as simple as that! "GHz/$/box"

When your main computer gets a year old you move it to the farm. Also if you have a major disaster with your main box you can go to your last box on the farm & start working from there.

SSD are great but don't speed up rendering. Top end graphics cards don't help either when it comes to rendering. If you have an old box now set it up on your farm, if nothing else it will at least get your head around the setting up of a farm.

I think it's best to go 1 better than the home version, but someone else may be able to shed some light here! I think it's more of a network issue when in a few years you may have a handful of boxes.

I personally would not go home version!

04-01-2011, 08:27 AM
of course it will be 64bit, window license came with both flavor.

as far as networking goes, home premium support homegroup, while professional support domain. i don't know which is enough for networking.

anyway, maybe it's a good idea to go professional.