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03-29-2011, 10:14 AM
So this is a question/idea for people that use syntheyes and LW.

Lots of times I get shots that I can get a 3d camera solve on, but it has some object moving in the scene, an actor or whatever, that there's just not enough info to get an object track on. often only one tracker.

So we have the camera's real position, and then a xy of a tracker in camera space for that object. What if we could say, okay null parented to camera, get xy from 2d track infro, and then get camera space z from other input. either hand animated, or locked to some place in world space so as the camera moves around the camera space depth/z is from some actual spot in world space and animatable. I think that would be the most accurate best solution for not having enough info for a object track.

So I asked russ as a feature request and he said that is what sizzle script is for, but I"m not a sizzle guy so don't know how to implement it.

as for doing it in LW we can get the 3d camera. but syntheyes doesn't spit out a LW motion file. it does a 2d file that is frame and position, so someone could probably pretty easily make a motion converter. Anyway. I think it could be scripted, I'm just not a good scripter.

What do you think, helpful, redundant, if so what's a better way, and how hard would it be to set this up?

03-30-2011, 04:17 PM
Nuke has this feature and it is very handy. Unfortunately, I'm no sizzle scripter either. I agree that it would be a valuable addition.