View Full Version : Channel Methods broken in MacUB

maxim capra
03-29-2011, 05:25 AM
When I use channel methods in L-Script like channel.setKeyTension() or .setKeyValue() or others, they work in Windows x32 and x64 Lightwave Builds, but not on Mac Universal Binary Builds (tested with 9.6 and 10).

They give the following error (e.g. with setKeyValue()):

"Line XXX, invalid argument 1 value to method setKeyValue()"

This is even more important, because Lightwave uses Tools with these commands! Try the "Split Bone" Tool in the "Setup" Tab for example, it gives the same error because of this issue on a Lightwave Mac Universal Binary Build. I'm sure there are more tools which are broken because of this, but i didn't search.

I also found some free scripts on the net, which are using these commands, they also don't work under Mac, because of this.

- Is there a workaround for this (scripting-wise?)
- Does someone has done more testing or other experience with this?

I also reported this as a bug in FogBugz...


03-30-2011, 02:46 AM
"Line XXX, invalid argument 1 value to method setKeyValue()"

I get this error using getKeyValue(), but only in LW10 Mac UB, not 9.6, and only running in 64-bit mode. In 32-bit mode it's good.