View Full Version : ScreamerII and Renderfarms

02-28-2003, 03:30 PM
Our company has Lightwave 7.5 on Win2k. Our PC's are caught-up in too many hours of constant rendering to get work done. We are needing to go to a Renderfarm capability and this is where I need your expertise.

Can you explain the possibilities or limitations with any of these issues that we are needing answers to:

2 Basic Scenarios:
Does it work better to have a stack of PC's in one room with Software driven RenderFarm capability OR
Is it better to take advantage of our some 500 PC's around the plant and make a "Virtual" RenderFarm box. And Can Screamer II do this type of networking?

The other Questions that need to be answered are:
1 - OS's Can we use all OS's in the network to render? At the same time?(Win, Linux, Irix, Solaris, etc.)
2 - Memory load - Does memory on networked workstations make a difference? (i.e. 1 is 256MG, another is 2GB)
3 - CPU - Max number allowed, suggested Minimum?
4 - Distributed Rendering (either all CPU's render one frame, or CPU's groupings render certain areas and then reassemble)
5 - Checkpoint "reassigning" - CPU's that get turned off or logged into during rendering, render info gets reassigned.
6 - Bandwidth profiling - How much bandwidth, have you found, that this needs or uses.

- Costs (setup, upgrading, upscaling, etc.)
Possible points of contacts - for seeing/getting benchmarks and further information.