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03-22-2011, 03:47 PM

I have a problem with LW10.
The graph editor is very very slow.
When I begin to use lw the graph editor is ok, but after 1 or 2 minutes it become very slow. I can't understand what happen, and why if I close lw and reopen sometimes Gr. Ed. works good and sometimes really slow, with the same scene, but also with a cleared scene (for example only to open G.E. on camera, without objects in the scene).
I tried to look if some other program makes war with lw, but I see nothing.
Only I see, sometimes.... only sometimes, if I close modeler, the layout g.e. begins to work fast... ok, it works maybe for 30 seconds and after again very very very slow.
It passes from fast work to slow work in one moment (I mean it isn't a progressive decreasing performances, but very improvvise jump from fast to slow).
I can't understand.... All beta of lw10 hadn't problems, but with the final happen that.

Only me I have this problem?

(hem... ok... my english is really bad... sorry...)


Comp is
Vista 32
Quad 6600
GF 9600GT (last drivers)

03-25-2011, 11:51 AM
I see... usually happen when I open the modeler... and modeler too become slow.
If I open only the modeler (not layout), modeler is fast.... but when layout and modeler are opened one of them goes very slow. Maybe openGl can work only with one program? but lw 9.6 never had this problem...