View Full Version : Dox: PSD exporter: the search begins

03-22-2011, 12:19 PM
I'm about to start a google-safari for information about using the PSD exporter, and thought I might as well ask first if anybody can recommend an excellent explication of this feature.

I know, for instance, that certain things are not explained at all in the official dox, like the function of the "Custom Range" buttons, and if anybody had already explained these somewhere, GREAT. :help:

I also know that certain buffers, eg the depth buffers, have some fine points to their use that is not intuitive. There's the question if the buffer values are normalized to a range, a fixed amount, or what?

There's also no discussion of the format of the created PSD file and its layers (why are there two groups? what's with the color coding?) And the key discussion of the proper blending modes for a given layer (I suspect some layers should be inverted before use in a compositor.)

::dons pith helmet:: And, "I'm off!"