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Eric Pratt
03-16-2011, 12:23 PM
The annual NewTek User Meetup is back on in style April 11th 5:30pm
We're getting a late start to it this year so if you've got prizes, donations, or RSVP please please please let me know ASAP.
Official thread here:
Please note, this is not a NewTek sponsored event for users, it's sort of the other way around.
We'll have a Tricaster XD, Food, cash bar, prizes, etc. The Las Vegas Marriott is right next to the convention center, and the Grand Ballroom is on the 17th floor so the foyer has a great view.
Hope to see you there!

03-20-2011, 11:26 AM
Eric, this is GREAT news! :thumbsup:
Due to my Mom's Hospice situation I've not been able to commit to NAB for the first time in over 15 years.

Those were some great parties that allowed hundreds of NewTek product users and forum friends to meet face to face and develop long term friendships.
They were also a great opportunity for 3rd party developers to get face time with potential users.

Thanks to Eric Pratt for getting the ball rolling and to Ron for AGAIN picking up the pieces as the local contact in Vegas.
If things work out I hope to see you all again this year.
If not, have a GREAT time!

Eric Pratt
03-21-2011, 10:47 AM
Hey Ted,
I'm sorry to hear about your mom, best wishes from all of us. We will miss you if you don't come, as will the Excaliber craps tables.

03-21-2011, 10:48 PM
Yeh, I'll miss Fernando, Rene and Eric, (a different one) at the craps table. :(
Put a Benjamin on the "Hard Eight" for me! :D

Eric Pratt
03-23-2011, 12:29 PM
We've added a whole slew of prizes to the event, if you want to contribute something to the raffle contact Ron Gratreaks [email protected]
And if you are feeling generous please feel free to donate, this is a user sponsored event, just follow the donation link you can contribute via PayPal

Eric Pratt
03-25-2011, 08:02 PM
Put together the menu today; we're going to have an absurd amount of food (to meet the minimum catering bill) so RSVP, donate (http://www.virtualsetworks.com/NewTek-User-Meetup-2011.htm), throw in some prizes or otherwise just show up because I can't take it all home in a doggie bag.

03-27-2011, 10:11 AM
From past experience, I know how you are putting your arse on the line by planning the party.

To EVERYONE, even if you can't make the party, PLEASE throw Eric a $20 to help. Getting everyone together is good for all of us, even if we don't attend.

I still have a list of those who donated when I was doing these and still appreciate their contributions. Especially those who couldn't attend and sent money anyway. They understood how getting this community together benefitted everyone.

Best of luck to you Eric! :thumbsup:

silver fox
03-29-2011, 08:20 PM
:devil: But, Eric, my freezer and fridge are only about 15 miles from the Marriott and Convention Center, so I could take a lot of the left over munchies home!!! :D

Hey, Gals & Guys! Even though I am a Retired U.S. Air Force Security Police Captain, I've changed my ways a little and have rationalized that, for this event, I am willing to accept a bribe. To be ensured to win a door prize all you have to do is ship me a new or very slightly used TriCaster TCXD850; I will ensure that you get no less than one of the Footage Firm DVDs (I'll have to send it to you as the 21 listed as door prizes will have to be given away at the party. I would just have to buy one [the DVDs are free but are a whooping $8.41 each for the shipping & handling] and send it to you!!! Does that sound fair??? :thumbsup:

:help: Seriously though, we do need more cash donations to help Eric pay the party expenses. And we could use some more door prizes; the prizes don't have to be new, just something you're not using any more but still has life in it for someone else in the NewTek Community. Hardware, software, books, training videos, etc., as long as the winner, if necessary, will be able transfer registration to themself!

Here is the current list of cash and door prize donations:

:thumbsup: Donations:
Jose Burgos: $100 - BurgosFX.com
John Perkins: $50
Chip Cogswell: $20
Richard Bartlett: $20

:thumbsup: Prizes:
Eric Pratt: Virtualsetworks - www.Virtualsetworks.com
(1) 3 Volume Virtual Set Pack for Tricaster XD (Exchangable for format of choice)
(2) 1 Volume Virtual Set Pack for Tricaster XD (Exchangable for format of choice)
(1) Undisclosed Prize

Jeff Cupp: MetaSetz/Digital Arts - www.Metasetz.com
(1) Gift Certificate for Tally-Light Set (TLC - 8 or 6)
(1) DoubleSHOTZ Double Box LiveSets Package

Steve Roche: Digital Juice - www.DigitalJuice.com
(1) Camera Bag, Large
(1) Compositor's Toolkit 3
(1) Texture Toolkit 2
(1) Music Box 3

Dan Ablan - www.AGADigital.com
(1) Gift Certificate for an Autographed "Inside Lightwave 10" Due out end of April (will be mailed)

Ted Kazmierczak: www.Tally-Lights.com
(2) Tally Lights (for TriCaster Studio, Broadcast, TCXD850)

Abby Lynch: Footage Firm - www.Footagefirm.com
(21) DVDs of Looping Backgrounds

Mary Hoffman: Safe Harbor Computers - www.sharbor.com
(1) SpeedEDIT Software Package
(Several) Coffee Mugs with the "VT" and "Safe Harbor Computers" Logos

Wes Beckwith: KURV Studios - www.kurvstudios.com
(10) $100.00 Gift Certificates for their LW3D & other Training DVDs

More to come; I hope! :agree:

A great big THANK YOU goes out to Eric and all cash and door prize donors who are making this event possible!!!

silver fox
04-05-2011, 12:30 AM
Hi all! :thumbsup: More great door prizes to add to our list:

Bill Panagouleas: DiscreetFX - www.discreetfx.com
(1) SportsFX*
(1) Military & AircraftFX*
(1) CarFX Metal & Chrome*
(1) DVE Directors Cut 2*
(* All For SD TriCasters, VT[5], & SpeedEDIT 2)

Darwin Porter: TriCasterGear - www.tricastergear.com
(1) TriCaster XL Case
(1) TriCaster Mini Case
(4) TriCaster Gear Grips

Kris Gurrad: Kris Gurrad Graphic Design - www.krisgurrad.com
(2) $250 Gift Certificates redeemable for the LiveText Sports ScoreBoard Plugin

Remember to check out details for the party on Eric Pratt's web page at:


:help: Also, if you can spare a few bucks to help cover the cost of the ballroom and munchies,
Eric has set up a couple ways to do that on the web page;
what ever is left over after all the donations are tallied will be coming out of Eric's own pockets!

See you at THE PARTY!!!

Eric Pratt
04-06-2011, 12:57 PM
Hey Everyone!
The party is shaping up real well in no small part thanks to Ron's help organizing the prizes and the vendors who are contributing them.
We will have lots of food and giveaways and we will be going light on the demos and sales pitches :)
Promises to be a good time and a number of you will walk away Vegas lucky with some goodies.
As Ron mentioned, if you want to help support the user community pitch in some cash (I've set up a handy PayPal donation button), it will certainly help towards making sure we do this again next year.
If you want to show off your stuff, we can arrange to have a table for you, I'm just asking for some modest donation to cover the charge for all the food that helps draw everyone to get a free meal :)
I'm bringing a projector and screen and a TCXD300 if you have anything you want to know or would like to show off something (I know I will).
I'm also putting together a sound mix if you have any suggestions :)
See you all there.

04-10-2011, 04:10 PM

Just sent you some cash.