View Full Version : DV capture problems

10-01-2003, 03:54 PM
I am having trouble capturing through firewire. I had captured over an hour from DVCam and about a half hour in it appeared that it had dropped video frames. The audio usually was not dropped, except a couple of times. Of course this led to audio out of sync with jitters in the video. The farther into the capture the worse it got. I cleared off some additional drive space, and captured several shorter clips from the same are of the tape and the jitters kept on coming. I restarted the computer countless times, made sure DX9.0b is installed, made sure nothing else was running... No help. Even in a one minute piece the jitters would be there and pull the audio off sync. Right now I am using component inputs and capturing as a main concept dv file. This, in preliminary testing, has showed none of the jitters....

Any ideas?