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03-11-2011, 09:21 AM
Morning everyone!

I have a quick question about setting up skin weights in layout. I'm coming from Maya and haven't used bones in LW for a LONG LONG time so i'm a behind the curve a bit. But here's the scoop...

I've build a joint rig that will work in MotionBuilder (thanks Rebel for all the vids on this!). Rig works fine in mb and am able to map data to is. YEAH! Now, the problem i'm having is how do i attach that rig to the model i have in layout? Currently i have all the bones set to "on" but they completely destroy the mesh (essentially looks like the weights are just mucked up).

Now the most i've done as of late w/bones is w/Skelegons and setting up weightmaps using Vertex Paint... this is a very familiar environment for me.

Question i have is how (if at all possible) can i setup individual weight maps ala vertex paint IN layout or is it possible to bring bones (using LW10) from Layout back into Modeler to do said weighting while retaining the joint neutralness necessary for bringing data back/forth between MB and LW?

Thanks ahead of time for all the help.


03-12-2011, 12:46 PM
There's a whole thread about such thigns here...


Some quick tips to help though...

Bringing joints into modeller is pretty much a no-no... since their deformers arent orient dependent (like zbones)... converting them back to zbones and then using the "load bones" approach to create skelegons doesnt work so well.

There is a weight paint tool for layout (plugin)...


Which is another option too.

One last note... LWs fbx exporter will autoweight your mesh to your bones, but, due to the nature of joitns, doesnt quite work right (weights are offset one position back from the joitn they're assigned to).

The way to get weights out of LW that'll give you standard deforms in MB, etc, is to setup one weightmap for each joint/bone, and make all bones set to "use weight only" with normalisation turned on before exporting.