View Full Version : VT4 full system with breakout box, and other software

03-10-2011, 05:16 PM
I have a great VT4 system available for sale. It's in excellent working condition. It comes with:

The VT4 hardware and software
Breakout box with cables
Bobs multicam plugin
Four 78gig hard drive raid system
Internal system drive (78 gigs)
ULead DVD workshop 2 (for DVD authoring)
A Panasonic DVD burner (internal)
Dual flat screen monitors
TMPGenc software (DVD encoding for mpeg2 files)

$2900 plus shipping. Comes as a complete system.

We don't use it anymore because we have a VT5 system we're using. However, this system is in excellent working condition. PM me with questions and interest.