View Full Version : Cloth self collision problems

03-09-2011, 09:48 AM
I'm having a heck of time trying to get cloth to self collide.

The shot I'm trying to do is have a piece of cloth crumple into a ball. Using a point gravity node, the cloth square collapsed into a near singular point. Using other spring and stresses, it hold a bit of shape, but completely inner penetrates itself.

So as I simple test to just get collision working, I've tried the ole' cloth drop onto a ball using the "thick cotton" default. The real difference being instead of it being a napkin sized sheet, it's more of a towel, so it can wrap around the under side of the ball and collide. The best I can get so far is that the first collision goes to a near single strand, and then locks up like velcro. It looks like I'm getting partial collision and partial penetration. And the parts that have penetrated then "collided" as the forces try to swing back out resulting in a tangled cloth that jiggles badly wherever self collision should be happening.

I have tried increasing the collision offset and decreasing the resolution. It helped a little, but nowhere near a usable result.

Any thoughts, or good tutorials on self collision.