View Full Version : A few small improvement in Graph Editor

10-01-2003, 12:41 PM
here's a few things I like to suggest:

1. an option to auto set footprints for all channels upon loaded into the bin.

2. The "pickup footprint" and "backtrack footprint" commands are not effecient ways to edit footprints. I like to suggest a "swap footprint" feature instead to replace those two. Swapping works by swapping the edited curve with it's footprint curve - making the edited curve takes the state of the footprint curve and footprint curve takes the state of the edited curve.

3. The filter commands (filter curves, filter position, rotation, scale, etc) in GE should act as a selection base on the filter behavior only, and not to remove other channels in the bin.

4. The timeslider in the GE is pretty hard to grab. I say dragging the mouse anywhere under the time portion of the graph should allow for scrubbing the timeline.

5. Make some use of the middle mouse button in the GE. Like middle drag to move selected keys horizontally. Alt+MMB + horizontal drag = horizontal panning, vertical drag = vertical panning. Alt+Ctrl+MMB horizontal drage = horizontal zoom, vertical drag = vertical zoom.

10-01-2003, 06:32 PM
Good ideas. The filtering thing should be an option though, I almost always want those channels to be removed from the bin. The filtering could use some improvements too. I would like it if it only worked on selected channels, or if no channels selected then it would work on all channels in the bin. Also, more specific filtering; right now you can only do filters like *.H or *.Position. I'd like something like *.Position.X, Null.*.Y, Camera.Rotation.*, object*.*.Z.