View Full Version : License transfer problem since june 2010, NEWTEK plz listen and help.

03-06-2011, 12:11 PM
Hello all, my name is Ayman, used to log on this forum as dilaima since March 2003. It's my second thread voice here on the forum for all who can help me and for newtek especially if they are listening.
I bought a used copy of lw 9.6 with core last june, I received the dongle and cds from the second party (Edward Anderson AKA procyon99).
I contacted Newtek sales, services to complete the transfer, and get no reply.
Edward (Thanks for him) also did contacted Newtek and gave them all their requested questions and infos (twice) and last time was last week I guess, and nothing happened, no one contacted me, and no transfer happened, in fact the LW 10 copy was sent to Edward adress.
Please Newtek solve this problem for me, it's now 10 months with this problem, please listen and make something, please contact me on vuedesprit at hotmail dot com ([email protected])

Thank you for your expected fast solution reply.