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Ryan Roye
03-02-2011, 12:15 PM
Ok, I know that motion mixer can't really function between 2 objects if they don't have unique bone names. I've also discovered there is are a few other problems I can run into if characters share bone names. I get it.

Basically, I have as many as 6 background characters in a scene that I'm intending to animate via motion mixer through various prefabbed animations.

I could append the hierarchy of the bones with a suffix that uniquely identifies the character, but that would mean that for every prefabbed animation I use, I have to assign the weightmap equivalent of upwards of 50+ bones for EVERY animation for EVERY character when motion mixer asks me to assign stuff. Obviously, this would be like using pair of safety scissors to cut titanium alloy.

My question is... is there any way to quickly assign weightmaps in motion mixer? If not, is there a reasonable workaround that will allow me to use my base saved motions and apply them to other characters? Or am I forced to create a full set of motion files catered specifically for a certain model?

Extra credit: Also, i've been wondering how to disable IK for a specific object to make lightwave snappier.

Ryan Roye
03-02-2011, 02:21 PM
Currently, my only solution is this and its still pretty cumbersome:

Create a motion map file for every single character model I make. This means while I'd still have to assign the 90+ bones to a weight map (characters have tails), I'd only have to do it once per character (I have about 13+ characters, this means I'll be going clicking through ~1000+ items). When importing a rig, suffix the exact name of the motion map file as a standardization. There has to be a better solution to using prefabbed animations between multiple characters in a scene...

Ryan Roye
03-02-2011, 06:40 PM
After an entire day of experimenting and fighting with motion mixer, I've managed to find a solution to my problem that at least enables me to continue working. It is pretty clunky... but here's how I made it work for anyone else who might have the same problem:

-Create a ghost scene consistent of only the "stock animated" character and the environment they are in, calling it something like "<scenename-BGchar1>

-Do all the motion mixer animations desired then bake all the frames.

-Load > Load Items From Scene > import the baked character into the scene

Its not optimal, but it works. As far as I can tell, unless you do the above there is absolutely no way you can have 2 identically rigged objects use motion mixer in the same scene.

Ryan Roye
03-03-2011, 05:50 AM
Additional notes for this post for others who may search and have similar obsticles:

I've found that the MDScan function (under object properties deform tab) is pretty powerful when used with motion mixer. One concern I had was that I wouldn't be able to place my background characters in the scene until after all the animation is done for the main characters which would limit my ability to play with the camera freely. Another problem is that if my background characters happened to utilize IK, lightwave's preview would slow down to a crawl after importing due to the massive calculations required (more IK objects = slower layout)

Basically with MDScan I would still use morph mixer to animate my extras in separate ghost scenes, but by adding an extra step of saving an mmd file out I can import characters as I'm working by using MDplug on my primary scene, populating my scene without crippling lightwave. Nifty!

03-04-2011, 01:37 AM
Haven't used motion mixer in a while, but I don't think naming convention was as important an issue as having the correct bones selected when creating you're characters. Anyway, just thought this might help, and I might be wrong but no else has posted a reply, couldn't hurt to try.